Saree Styling: 7 ways to style your normal saree

Lately, I have been obsessed with saree styling as these are one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing. Here comes some of the looks which will help you look fashionable while keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

7 ways of saree styling

A saree is  women’s garment from the Indian Subcontinent that consists of an unstitched drape varying from different length, that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. There are quite a few number of saree styling which makes it more gorgeous yet comfortable and versatile.

The Universal Saree Drape

This is the easiest way of draping a saree and we see our mothers donning it in the most gracious way.

You can keep the pallu pleated while going out for work for a hassle free look and then you can always let it flow for a party or a date.

You can always wear a bindi for a more traditional look and accessorize with your favourite jewellery.

A Statement Blouse

A statement piece of clothing always adds an oomph factor to your outfit. A narrow pleats with the pallu and have thrown it over a peplum top.

The belt added helps sync the outfit and accentuates your waistline.

This is more of a festive look, hence , remember to accessorize well because accessories can either make or break your outfit.

A Denim Shirt for a Casual look

Why wait for that one occasion where we can wear sarees?

Pair your sarees with a denim shirt or a jacket for a more casual look for going out for a brunch or a date or for shopping!

A seedha style pallu and have added a denim shirt over it and tied it at the waist.

Remember, it is very important to keep you entire outfit in sync.

Flaunting your Saree with a Jeans or a Leggins

Why to drape your saree in casual look always? Try draping it in an indo western style and break the stereotype society thinking.

Pair ur saree with a statement blouse and a jeans/leggins or with your any favourite pant. Pleating half of the saree and a narrow pallu.

Remember to accessorize well with some junk jewellery to bring a bold look.

Double Draping Saree 

You need not to drape two gorgeous sarees together.

You can drape a normal saree along with a gorgeous saree and can add a belt to make it a bit bold. Pairing it with a high neck blouse to give a perfect look.

This is a great style to provide yourself with a modern as well as a bold look. You can also accessorize with your favourite jewellery to make it more beautiful.

Flaunting with a Crop Top

People always think that a saree can only be drapped with a blouse. But it is just a myth.

You can also wear your saree with a normal crop top or a matching crop top and you are ready to go. It also a adds a uniqueness to your style and makes you look different.

Bengali Traditional Saree Styling

Bengalis have a unique touch in the saree draping style.

If you are willing to go out of the way and want to look traditional as well as asthetic and stylish you can follow this old Bengali traditional Saree Drape know as ATPOURE Style. The unique feature of this drape is, the pallu coming back to the front side.

You can accessorize with your favourite jewellery to make it more beautiful as well as gorgeous.

The Indian I love is known for it’s cultural values and saree is one of the oldest tradition which is still maintained by every woman. A saree can be drapped in many styles yet making it comfortable and fashionable.

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