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Want to write at El Revista? We would love to have your guest blogging for El Revista. We write on various topics of fashion. Drop us a note at

About Guest Blogging

How to write in El Revista

  1. Email Us

    Email us with your details with the topic you have in mind. Our email id is

  2. Get Feedback

    We will let you know if your topic is suitable for our audience. If so, you can start composing your article. Otherwise, we will give you alternative topic or ideas.

  3. Compose

    Prepare your article. I recommend a article with not less than 300 words. Readers like it when they can get as much as information at one place. You can also add backlinks to other websites or your other articles.

  4. Send

    Email us over so that we can publish it.

Questions? Email me. I would get back to you within a couple of hours.