Best Jewelry Pattern: Change your look completely

Best Jewelry Pattern that will change your look completely . Women’s are passionate about Jewelry as it always slays your look. Jewelry has always made women feel beautiful and confident. 

Here, I am introducing best jewelry patterns and bloggers who will definitely help you to carry your jewelry with different looks.

Jewelry Pattern : Kundan

Kundan jewelry is the oldest form of jewelry craft in India. Kundan jewelry is always in demand, even more so during the wedding season. No Indian bridal ensemble is considered complete without a lavish Kundan Jewelry. This jewellery is worn at any social gathering, celebration or religious ceremonies. Women wear them with contemporary, western outfits as a style statement.

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Jewelry Pattern : Rose-Gold Plated

Yes, gold can blush! Rose gold — also known as pink gold, red gold or blush gold. Rose gold always gives jewelry a retro feel. This metal works well for both classic and modern designs. Rose gold plated jewelry always gives vintage look for your styling. In this era of fashion it always remain classy.

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Pearl Jewelry :

Pearls have been, and will always be one of the most sought after additions to the jewelry box. Pearl always stand out completely different and looks just beautiful. These are also high on this fashion trend, whether it be an oversized pearl, drooping from the ear, or a set, delicately dropped onto the shoulder. Pearls are a great accent to define one side of the face.

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Jewelry Pattern : Metallic Silver

Metallic silver jewellery is the most popular among the modern segment of jewellery across the globe. Silver jewelry is becoming even more popular in comparison to gold jewellery. The Boho look will always be in the trend when it comes to metallic silver jewelry.

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