Fashion Magazine El Revista by El Schatteler

Fashion Magazine: How it started

El Revista Fashion Magazine started with a very interesting twist

At the cost of sounding just a tad over-dramatic, we’d like to state that a handbag is more than just a purse to a woman. It’s her portable world packed in a safety net. Think about it, whether you’re stopping by for a quick check-in on your BFF, or somehow ended up stranded amid a literal cyclone, as long as your bag is by your side, you have everything you need. Unlike men who quickly grab their keys and wallet, stuff it into their unbelievably large pockets and dash out of the door, women are a lot more watchful of what they take along with them. From lip balm for chapped lips to an emergency stash of makeup, and from hoarded tissues to sanitary napkins, a lot is going on in a woman’s handbag. Not to mention, keys, wallet, water, sunscreen, phone charger, earphones, mint, hairpins, and what not! 

So it’s no wonder a handbag company – like El Schatteler – will develop a very close relationship with the patrons – the supporting and loving customers. We, El Schatteler style experts, used to hold hands of our patrons from selecting the correct accessory for your outlook to selecting the correct dress which can go well with accessory. We used to recommend products, blogs, posts to our customer without any relation to our business. That gave us the idea to write down what we know and share with the world in form of a fashion magazine. The name “El Revista” literally means “The Magazine” is Spanish. That’s the birth of El Schatteler Magazine – a place to pour our heart out.

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